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A “Hire Standard” for Employee Screening

Verdict Resources helps companies across nearly every industry and profession focus on making the best hiring decisions, and manage risk, with excellent background checks for employment reports.

And what makes us a better fit? As private investigators we can serve our clients much better than regular backgrounding companies by investigating employee behavior, surveillance, searching digital evidence, etc.


Employment Screening

As one of the top background check companies in California, we get clients an employment background check that is accurate, quick, and FCRA compliant.

Client Success

Mitigating Financial, Operational and Compliance related risks through employment screening services is exactly what our clients experience. Above all, their success is our focus.  

Our Vision

Our vision is shaped by our client’s lens: Fast turn around time, reliable employment background check, and finally, awesome support!


“John Troxel has worked with many of my clients to assist with background investigation for hiring as well as forensic evaluation and investigation for litigation support. He is responsive, thorough, and prompt, and his knowledge of his field is outstanding. I always appreciate that he not only addresses our specific requests for information, but also provides helpful suggestions about additional or more cost-effective methods of finding the information we need. My clients have consistently given positive feedback about his work, and it is always a pleasure to work with John and his team.”

Karen Gabler | LightGabler

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services Should I Order?

The County Criminal search is a no-brainer, but the next most commonly ordered searches are Driving History (did you know failure to pay child support will cause a license suspension?) and the Nationwide Alias, which not only verifies SSN but searches a variety of criminal, terrorist, sex offender, healthcare watch, and other databases. There are several other searches, including credit, Federal criminal, civil, education and employment verification, etc., depending on what you need.  Give us a shout!


What Laws Govern Pre Employment Background Checks?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the federal statue that regulates background checks relating to employment. The FCRA affects who can access background information, how far back in time it can be researched, for what purpose it is used, and how it is to be conducted. California also has the California Fair Chance Act, and there are local regulations to be navigated as well. Good thing you are using us!


Should I Use a Fingerprinting Service?

Fingerprint services, or Live Scans, seem like the gold standard to background an applicant, right? Wrong!  It actually leads to a false sense of security. Some things that fingerprint checks do not do, that our services do, include personal identifiers, better up-to-date coverage and better standards of care on a national level. Fingerprint records from the FBI are missing as much as 50% of criminal records, may also provide arrest records that do not result in a conviction, and unlike name-based checks, cannot be challenged. Fingerprint checks can be good, but be sure and do the name-base check too.


Is My Information Secure?

You bet! We use a combination of security techniques to ensure that what you send and what we deliver is done in a safe, secure manner. We could talk encryption, secure socket layers and firewalls, but suffice it to say, Your information is safe!


How Long Does a Background Check Take?

Best case scenario- same day! But most are done in a day or two, depending on the jurisdiction. Some places, like Los Angeles County Courts, just take longer to respond due to being overworked and understaffed.


Can the Applicant Order Online?

Of course!  There are a couple ways. One is for you to log in, check off the searches that need completed, and the system will send an email to the applicant to go online and after e-signing the releases and authorizations, to enter their identifying information. The second way is the QuickApp, which the applicant can go directly to in order to initiate the authorizations and investigations.  Easy peasy!



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