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Hire Stakes: The increasing risks employers take when onboarding new employees.

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When hiring, you need to rely on quality information more than a “gut feeling.” Partnering with us for your background checks for employment needs means you get reports that are done right, done fast, and help keep you in compliance.


We make darn sure that our clients receive information that is accurate and compliant with the FCRA and state laws. We don’t rely on databases, but we got boots on the ground in every state, (and many countries) and send people into the courthouses to search in person. We’ve been at this for a while, and understand that good intel is critical to inviting someone into a position of trust.


No one wants to feel like they are signing up to simply access a database. We respond to phone calls, emails, text messages, carrier pigeons, smoke signals . . . you get the picture. If there are any challenges, a real, live person will go out of their way to support you, either by phone or by email. We adore our clients! You might call it a “hire love!”


Rules and regs are constantly in flux, so having a consumer reporting agency with expertise in Federal (FCRA), State, and even local, statutes ensures that the work product is created on solid legal footing. Verdict Resources is backed by a consumer reporting agency that is up to date on all the regs and are happy to speak to clients.


Timing is everything, so we try to get same-day results when possible. Certain counties are slower to respond, but we will send partial reports to get information into our clients’ hands ASAP. To speed things along, our clients can login and order up background searches, check on their progress, and save when complete.

Getting Started

Getting set up is a snap! Just e-sign a few authorizations, get your sign in credentials, and you are in like Flint. You have to deal with loads of paperwork all the time, but with us, it is simplified, easy paperwork.

Our Technology is superior

Our simple web-based platform makes the pre employment screening process a snap to use. We can work directly with you, directly with your applicants, or have you log in and do it yourself. That includes electronic consent, providing FCRA and other disclosures, ordering up whatever parts of the background check for employment you need done, email alerts when report is ready, checking real-time status, etc.

We are Investigators

Automated processing has its place, but there are times when it is less about database research and more about investigating. We are a part of Verdict Resources, (www.verdict.net), a private investigations firm with over 23 years in business.


“As Managing Partner of Landegger Baron Law Group, Verdict Resources and John Troxel is who our firm goes to for workplace investigations, surveillance and employment background checks. Their work is professional, thorough and valuable in our representation and defense of employers. I highly recommend Verdict Resources.”

Alfred J. Landegger, Esq. | LANDEGGER BARON LAW GROUP

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